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Success Story Spotlight!

This week I will share with you a success story about the Winslow Profiles
and the National Football League (NFL) and MLB!

Background Information
Athletic Success Institute is a division of Winslow Research Institute.  Both Winslow Research and Athletic Success provide Profiles and Reports to measure the personality and behavior of individuals. Winslow Research measures the personality of applicants and employees to assist organizations in selecting the best applicants and to enhance the performance of their employees. Athletic Success measures the mental attitudes of competitive athletes to assist professional teams in selecting the best draft prospects and professional and scholastic teams to enhance the performance of their athletes.  For 34 years we tested almost every player drafted by Major League Baseball and for 12 years every player drafted by the National Hockey League.  In addition to preparing Reports for thousands of athletes in the NFL, NBA, Olympic, and hundreds of colleges and high schools.
The Winslow Profile and the NFL and MLB Drafts
This story is about a gifted, two-sport, superstar athlete, who was a prospect for both the National Football League and Major League Baseball Drafts.  This player completed  two Winslow Profiles (Athletic Success Version); one focusing on his mental attitudes for  Football and the other for Baseball.  Athletes are instructed to complete the Profile based on their attitudes in one specific sport and not sports participation in general.  
Two Winslow Reports were prepared based on the results from the two Profiles; one for  baseball and one for football.  The Trait Scores in both Reports were  very impressive, as you would expect for an athlete who was a high round draft prospect for two professional sports.  All trait scores were nine's and ten's with only one trait score being different in the two Reports.  In the Report prepared on his mental attitudes in football, he scored a "10" for the trait "Drive" (Ambition).  In the Report prepared on his mental attitudes in baseball, he scored only "1" for the trait "Drive" (Ambition).   
Several teams from both the NFL and MLB telephoned me to review his Winslow Report for their sport.  The teams from both leagues knew he was a prospect for the draft in both sports.  After reviewing all the trait scores in his Report for their sport, I focused on the score for "Ambition."    For the baseball teams; I said his ego was not invested in the sport of baseball at this time.  I explained that Ambition was an attitudinal-based trait that could change over time.  However, at this time, because his ego was not invested baseball if they drafted him, there was a very high probability he would not play Major League Baseball.  For the football teams, I explained that he had the maximum level of drive and achievement in football.  I told them there was a very high probability if drafted he would sign a contract and play for the NFL.  (For reasons of confidentiality, I cannot disclose the player's name, the draft years, or the names of the pro teams involved.)
Now, for the rest of the story . . .
This player was the number one draft pick in an NFL Draft!
He was also a second round draft pick in an MLB Draft!
He played in the NFL for many seasons!
PS:  He played in many Pro and Super Bowls and is in the National Football League's Hall of Fame. 

Moral of this story

Our Clients should believe what the individuals who complete a Winslow Profile tell us when they answer the questions in their Profile . . . and that information is presented in their Winslow Reports!  The pro baseball team that drafted this player wasted a high-round draft pick because they did not believe the "Ambition" Trait Score (what the athlete told us) in his Winslow Report.

This week I  will share with you another Success Story I just received
from Lindsay Colitses, one of our Elite Certified Consultants.

This morning I received this, always great to hear success stories!  Lindsay

Hi Lindsay – 

First two assessments for the Plant Manager job were successful –  
  • The first one, very strong candidate, aced the assessment - especially in areas important to the position and of importance to us.
  • The second one will help me demonstrate the value of the assessment tool to management – he was a complete dud and I wondered how the assessment would come out. He received the positive bias on the first try, and although his second attempt was successful, his scores show how unsuitable he is for this position.
Thanks for your help. I’m buying more passwords this morning for upcoming candidates.

Personal regards,
Dan  S,  HR Senior Director 
Lindsay Colitses is a Winslow Profiles Certified Consultant since 2001 – two years ago, she accepted our invitation to become an Elite Certified Consultant.  Lindsay works with small, mid and large organizations (in various industries), with her main areas of focus being candidate selection, on-boarding, employee & leadership development.  Her articles are published in Puget Sound Business Journal, Consulting Today, EEP Personal Excellence magazine. Her Windridge Consulting Blog ( covers topics such as - best hiring practices, employee development, assessment use, and personal / professional development. Winslow Research is delighted to have Lindsay in our International Network of Certified Consultants.


Eric Samuelson, President of Management Development Institute and one of our Elite Certified Consultants, and his client gave us permission to share the following letter Eric recently received.

Eric's been representing Winslow Research for over 20 years and was among our top performers everyone of those years. He has strong trust in the analytical and transformative value of the Winslow Reports; believing they provide powerful insight into the human soul. Eric tells us he is "very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Winslow Profiles & Reports team."



July 8th, 2016

Dear Eric,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you have done for our dealership. While we appreciate the information we receive from the profiles, your personal involvement in bringing life to the profiles is certainly a game changer.

Over the past few years we have evolved to 'living an dying' by the profiles. This approach has netted us lower turnover, lower training expenses, and higher productivity as we have more people working in the positions that give them the best opportunity for success.

We have people who apply at our dealership for one position and after we utilize Winslow Profile, we find that while they may not be a good fit for the position in which they applied, they may be the perfect matches for another department. In doing this, our people are operating more within their abilities, keeping them happier and more productive.

All to say, we appreciate all you and your company does for our dealership.

Warmest Regards,
Russ Rogers
General Manager


If you have any questions about any aspect of the Winslow Profiles & Reports, Applicant Selection and/or Employee Development, do not hesitate to contact me.