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Business Opportunity


The Concept

As a result of extensive research and development initiated in 1968, Winslow Research Institute created unique behavior assessment and development systems for organizations and individuals. The programs measure the behavioral characteristics related to successful performance in all positions and contentment in all lifestyles. The Applicant Selection Programs assist organizations in selecting the best available applicants for any position from entry-level clerk to chief executive officer. The Employee Development Programs enhance the performance of current employees, by focusing on their behavior and performance in their current position with the organization. The Individual Development Programs enable individuals to achieve career success and attain personal contentment.

The Markets

business_opportunity_1.jpgThe Winslow Assessment Systems have been extensively test marketed since 1968. Organizations of all sizes, from partnerships to Fortune 500 companies, purchased the Winslow Reports. The programs are suitable for every non-profit organization and business classification. Consequently, the market potential is exceptional; virtually every organization that has employees, regardless of their size or activity, is a qualified prospect for the programs. The Institute is now utilizing a Network of Certified Consultants to distribute the Winslow Behavior Assessment Systems to organizations and individuals throughout the world.

The Opportunity

If you are an organization or a consultant with an established business, you can add The Winslow Reports to your products or intangible services. The Winslow Reports will increase the income from your current clients and will encourage prospects to utilize your other services. Since clients usually assess all their applicants and re-assess their employees to measure progress, there is a residual effect. The Winslow Reports will also improve your cash flow, since clients purchase in quantity and prepay for reports. If you are a management consultant, executive, manager, retired military, sales representative or entrepreneur who desires to start your own business; you can become a Winslow Certified Consultant for a reasonable investment.

The Operation

business_opportunity_2.jpgAs a Winslow Certified Consultant, you will be trained and certified to market and support the Winslow Reports to organizations for Employee Development and Applicant Selection and to individuals for self-improvement, with no geographic limitations. From your home office, you would give interesting demonstrations of the Winslow Assessment System to prospects utilizing the GoToMeeting Internet Conferencing System. At the conclusion of the demos, you offer the prospects two Winslow Reports to enable them to confirm their accuracy and value. A week later, you review the two Reports with the prospect and close the sale. No selling experience is required, just good communication skills, since the Reports virtually sell themselves. You can recruit Authorized Sales Representatives to assist you in giving demonstrations and Certified Business Consultants to assist you in administering the Winslow Reports with clients.

The Reseller Consultant Certifications

Two non-exclusive Winslow Certified Consultant Certifications are available depending upon the qualifications and preferred methods of operation of each applicant. Agreements are available upon request that indicate the benefits and responsibilities of each Consultant. Licenses require an Initial License fee, and a continuing royalty fee for each assessment processed. The initial fee includes a Master Winslow Website, technical, Internet, and marketing training, and the support required to launch and assure the success of your Winslow Reports business.

Director Consultant: Director Level Consultants are trained and certified to distribute all the Winslow Profiles, Programs and Systems to organizations and individuals. They are authorized to market and implement the Employee Development and Applicant Selection Programs to end-user organizations. Directors can recruit Joint Venture Partners to assist them in marketing Winslow Reports to organizations and Certified Personal Coaches to market the Personal Development Reports to individuals. A Designated Elite Consultant will conduct the initial training program and be responsible for continuing marketing and technical support.

Executive Consultant: Executive Level Consultants receive all the benefits of a Director as described above. This License fee is higher than the Director License; however, the Report royalties are lower. In addition, they are authorized to build a network of Director Consultants to market the Winslow Products and will receive a share of the income from their sales. They are also trained and certified to conduct the Position Analysis required to create Custom and Elite Profiles & Reports for their end-user clients and the Directors in their Network. A Designated Elite Consultant will provide initial training and continuing support to all Consultants recruited into the Executive's Network.

Executive & Director Certification Features & Benefits:

  • Complete turn-key, home-based business for a nominal investment
  • No renewal fees or annual assessments - only a Royalty for Profiles purchased
  • No employees, payroll, equipment, materials, supplies or shipping costs
  • No geographic limitations - market the Reports anywhere
  • No invoicing, statements, or bad debts - clients pre-pay for Reports
  • Authorized to market the Winslow Profiles & Reports
  • Ability to market select products and establish your own fees.
  • Free Complimentary Reports provided for your prospects
  • Authorized to build a network of relationships to market the Reports
  • Complete the Asynchronous Certification Training at your location and convenience
  • Training & Reference Video Library available on your Webmaster Website
  • Winslow Profiles Marketing Website customized for your business
  • Option to hyperlink to the Winslow System from your Marketing Website
  • Demonstration Website for conducting Internet presentations for prospects
  • Webmaster Website for managing your business and clients
  • Private Assessment Administration Website for each of your clients
  • Access to the Winslow Internet Assessment Processing System
  • Access to the Winslow Custom and Elite Custom Profile Programs
  • Access to the Winslow e-commerce Purchasing & Accounting System
  • Your share of fees immediately and automatically sent to your bank account
  • Option to participate in joint marketing opportunities
. . . And other additional features and benefits.

Free Complimentary Reports for Your Prospects

Winslow Research provides two complementary Profile Passwords to every organizational prospect who participates in a demonstration of the Winslow Internet Assessment System conducted by our Consultants . . . at no cost to the Consultant. The free Reports, on employees whom management knows very well, enables prospects to confirm the accuracy of the Reports and their value in hiring and developing employees. This process also gives prospects the confidence to purchase a higher quantity of Reports initially and to include more or all of their employees in the Employee Development Program. Without the Comp Reports, most prospects are cautious and only purchase a small quantity of Reports until they have the opportunity to confirm their accuracy. The Comp Reports give them this opportunity and encourages them to utilize the Reports for applicants for more positions and more current employees.

Free Winslow Websites for Your Clients

In addition to the Winslow Reports, your clients are given a free Winslow Website. This Website enables your clients to administer their assessment activity on their computers and convenience. Our Internet Assessment System is the result of state of the art technology; however, it is user-friendly and does not require a skilled computer operator. Individuals with no computer experience can efficiently manage the System by following the step-by-step instructions provided. The software is "menu driven," which means that typing skills or keyboard experience is not required. One simply directs the computer operation with one finger selection of keys on the keyboard. It is truly a "user-friendly" system, with Tutorials and Help Screens for every feature, to guide the client's Winslow Reports Administrator.

The Application Process

To schedule a demonstration of the Winslow Internet Assessment System, please click on the "Contact Us' button below. During this conference you will receive more detailed information on becoming a Winslow Certified Consultant and be given the opportunity to ask questions.