Applicant Selection

Research proves when a person fails in their career in more than 90% of the time that failure is directly attributed to some aspect of human behavior. The Winslow Pre-employment Selection Profiles & Reports compare the applicant's behavior to the behavioral requirements of your positions, enabling you to select the best applicant for every position.

Employee Development

Winslow personality testing for employment provide valuable insight into why some employees are functioning successfully and why others are performing unsatisfactorily. The Reports enable employees to capitalize on their personality assets and control negative behaviors that are limiting success. They enable management to most effectively manage, motivate and develop their employees.

Exclusive Features

The Winslow Profiles and Development Reports provide exclusive features not available to your organization from any other known assessments and their reports. Significant features that provide a maximum return on your investments in selecting applicants, developing and retaining your employees. They will enhance the sales, profits and success of your organization.

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The Winslow Reports have a profound influence on the success of organizations and their employees. Please see the feedback we received from individuals who completed a Winslow Profile and received a Winslow Report. In their own words, they explain the positive influence their Report had in their careers and personal lifestyles.

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Applications & Benefits

In addition to Pre-employment Personality Testing and Employee Development, there are numerous applications for the Winslow Reports. Applications that enable you to benefit from the information presented in the Reports to increase employee performance and the sales, profits and success of your organization.

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Winslow Profiles Certification

Two of your employees will receive training in personality, behavior, personality assessment, reviewing reports, applicant selection, employee development and other related topics. This training and certification enables them to be your Winslow Report Administrators and in-house experts in the Winslow Profiles & Reports.                       

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Federal & State Guidelines

The EEOC, FEPC, Department of Labor, Department of Defense, U. S. Supreme Court, and other state and federal agencies have all declared that valid and reliable assessment programs contribute substantially to an equitable and non-discriminatory selection, placement, and development policy.

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Reports For Individuals

Your detailed Personal Winslow Report will present valuable information on your personality, behavior, and attitudes. You will be able to capitalize on your personality assets, control your behavior, and modify your personality. The results will be increased success in your career and more happiness in your personal life.

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Business Opportunity

If you are an organization or a consultant with an established business, you can add the Winslow Reports to your intangible services. If you are an executive, manager, retired military, sales representative or entrepreneur who desires to start your own business; you can be trained and certified as a Winslow Profiles Certified Consultant.

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Profiles For Personal Coaches

The Winslow Personality Assessment Profiles enhance Personal Coaching, Life Coaching, and Executive Coaching. These personality tests and the resulting Winslow Development Reports provide Coaches with insight into the personality, behavior and attitudes of their clients. Assessments for Personal Coaching enable clients to obtain maximum benefit from their investment in a Coaching program.

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Pre-employment Assessments

Pre-employment personality testing and reports enables organizations to hire the best job applicants for every position. The Winslow applicant screening and selection Profiles measure the personality, behavior and attitudes of applicants and identify the best. The Winslow employment tests and Personality Reports enhance an organization’s employee selection process.                            

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Personnel Development

Assessments, profiles, and tests are different names for pre-employment personality testing that measure the personality of employees participating in personnel development programs. The Winslow Profile is the most comprehensive personality profile utilized for personnel development. The Winslow Reports are the most comprehensive feedback provided by any assessment.                                   

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