Winslow Profiles Certifications for Clients

Winslow Profiles Certified Individuals receive advanced technical training in
all aspects of the Winslow Profiles and Reports. This knowledge will enable
your organization to obtain maximum benefit from the Winslow Employee Development and Applicant Selection Reports.

End-user Client Certifications

employee_development_1.jpgTwo optional Winslow Profiles Certifications are available depending upon the preferences of your organization. These Certifications are not required because our Internet System and Reports are so user-friendly. However, they enable clients and their managers and employees to obtain maximum benefit for the Winslow Reports. Contracts are not required, and the Certification fees are nominal. The Certification Fee covers the cost of training and supporting your employees involved in this program.
Winslow Profiles Certified Client: Two of your employees are trained and certified to administer the Winslow Profiles, Programs and Systems in your organization. Replacement employees can be trained and certified at any time in the future for a reduced fee. employee_development_1.jpgAs your Winslow Webmaster they will be responsible for all aspects of the Winslow Profiles Internet System. They will be able to implement the Employee Development and Applicant Selection Programs within your organization. They will review Winslow Reports with authorized managers and with employees participating in your Employee Development activities. They can also review Applicant Selection Reports with hiring managers and assist in your selection process. They can provide other support functions to enable your organization to obtain maximum benefit from your investment in Winslow Reports. A Winslow Certified Consultant will conduct the initial training program and be responsible for continuing technical support.
Winslow Profiles Certified Employee: This certification is offered to smaller organizations with fewer employees. It is similar to the Client Certification, however; only one employee is trained and certified. Future replacement employees are trained and certified at the standard fee.

Certification Features & Benefits:

  • Authorized to work with all of the Winslow Profiles and Programs.
  • Pre-training web conference training seminar.
  • Level I Training System on behavior and the Profiles & Reports.
  • Level II Training System on the PCS Positions, Group Profiles & Charts.
  • Training & Reference Video Library on your Winslow Website (10 hours).
  • Training & Reference Manual of 200 plus pages with ongoing updates.
  • Private Winslow Reports Website for your organization.
  • Access to the Winslow Internet Assessment Processing System.
  • Access to the Winslow Internet Purchasing & Accounting System.
  • Numerous features and functions on the Webmaster Websites.
  • Designated Winslow Certified Consultant will provide training and support.
  • No written contract or license agreement required.
  • Initial Certification fee; no renewal fees or annual assessments.

The Certification Process

To schedule a demonstration of the Winslow Internet Assessment System, please click on the "Contact Us” button below. During this conference you will receive more detailed information on the Winslow Profiles Client Certifications and have the opportunity to ask questions.